Traditional forensic genetics has been oriented towards using human DNA in criminal investigation and civil court cases. But forensic laboratories are now using nonhuman genetic material to solve many cases, including DNA from other animal species, plants and microorganisms in their investigations.

Genetic testing is now used to provide evidence in cases such as poisoning, animal attacks, poaching and trafficking of species, detection of drugs, bioterrorism, identification of fraudulent food composition, among many others.

IDENTIFICA products are designed for a fast reply and easy implementation in forensic genetic laboratories. Our services can be used to identify human remains from a mixture of degraded biological materials, and provide identification of species in mixtures at low cost.



Food is a vital part of our lives. The food industry comprises an intricate network of activities, from the production and supply to the final consumption. This industry is one of the world’s biggest manufacturing sector in terms of jobs and value added. In most parts of the world, consumers are protected by strong regulation on food production and distribution to ensure quality and safety.

It is therefore important to guarantee that food products are correctly labeled, do not contain pathogens and allergens, and have a certified origin. Consumers have the right to honest information. Companies want to provide the better products.

IDENTIFICA tests and kits help in the correct identification of food components for the producers, suppliers or final consumers.



The health sector includes many types and providers of services and a range of regulatory mechanisms. New technologies are reducing costs, increasing access and improving care on a global scale. People are now doing genetic tests for diagnosis of infectious diseases, predisposition for many important health conditions, or to identify physical traits.

IDENTIFICA services and products allow the detection of microorganisms and screening of genetic traits.




The relationships between living organisms and their physical environment is the driving force of our planet and any change on this intricate relationship affects humans. The destruction of the environment by the introduction of invasive species, poaching and contamination is a major global threat, and strong regulation against it is in place in many world regions.

IDENTIFICA services scan be used to for species identification, DNA barcoding, biomonitoring and biodiversity assessment, from all types of environmental samples (water, sediment or soil).