Identification of sharks

The IDENTIFICA sharks ID service identifies the species of sharks in fish products or environmental and food samples.

Sharks are responsible for keeping the intricate ocean ecosystem in balance. Overfishing and pollution has resulted in significant population declines over the last years and several species are now considered under high threat and facing extinction. Identification of species in shark products (fins, meat, liver oil, cartilage, skin and teeth) is necessary to detect illegal practices.

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We are able to identify the shark species in any type of biological sample. Our team has successfully identified the species of endangered sharks in highly processed samples (liver oil) and regular fish products (fins, meat, etc.).

Our service has successfully being used by regulatory agencies in detecting illegal fishing practices.

Contact us for information on how to prepare the sample or request our sampling kit. We guarantee results on different sample materials.

We use PCR assays and sequencing technologies for species identification.

You receive a report describing the species identified.