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This sampling kit is designed for an easy collection and transport of whole blood samples for downstream DNA analyses. The kit includes a filter paper with a proper matrix to stabilize nucleic acids for long term storage at room temperature. The kit includes all the necessary sterile material to avoid contaminations during the sampling procedures. The handy-pack is ideal for field sampling.

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- Lancet (Finger Pricker)
- Filter paper for DNA preservation
- Sterilized Gauze pad
- Bandage
- Sealing bag
- Pair of gloves (nitrile, powder-free, large)
- Collection Instructions

Handy-pack for easy transport in field sampling activities.
Sterile material wrapped in a peel-pack format to avoid contaminations.
Filter paper ideal for DNA collection at room temperature for years.

Wildlife research
Fishing control
Poaching detection
Transfer evidence (silent witness)
Food fraud detection

The kit is not intended for any clinical use or use in human crime investigations.