Transgenic Salmon Detection Kit


The IDENTIFICA Transgenic Salmon Detection Kit detects the transgenic DNA construct used in the AquAdvantage salmon.

In November 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approved for commercialization the first transgenic animal, the AquAdvantage salmon, created by AquaBounty technologies. The AquAdvantage salmon is being approved for sale in several countries since 2016. This transgenic animal was designed to achieve market size about twice as fast as the native species, with accelerated growth being concentrated in its first year of life.

This GM Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) has a “all-fish” DNA construct containing the promoter and terminator regions of the antifreeze protein (AFP) gene from the ocean pout (Zoarces americanus) linked to the growth hormone coding region (cDNA) from the chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha).

The identification of junction regions between genetic elements is the unequivocal way to prove the presence of transgene constructs. Therefore, the IDENTIFICA Transgenic Salmon Detection Kit detect in your sample the transgenic DNA construct used in the AquAdvantage salmon.

Primer set A (10x)
Primer set B (10x)
Primer set C (10x)
Positive Control 1 (Transgenic junction control DNA)
Positive Control 2 (Salmo salar control DNA)
IDENTIFICA DNA Polymerase Master Mix (2x)
Nuclease-free water
Loading Dye (2x)
100bp DNA Ladder
Product Size
25 reactions (K004AP)
50 reactions (K004BP)
Technique Conventional PCR and electrophoresis
Sample Type DNA


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