SPIndel Kit Profile Identification

version 2022.1.1

The Species Identification by Insertions/Deletions (SPInDel) kit allows the identification of the species in biological samples.

Details on the kit can be found in the product User Guide and at the SPInDel webpage.

How to determine the alleles in your sample?

The SPInDel Allelic ladder was designed to help you identify the species in your sample.

Use the next table to see the allele designation for each SPInDel marker. You can determine the allele by visual inspection of the sample peak after alignment with the ladder or using the panels and bins files.

How to compare my sample profile with the database of reference profiles?

After determining the profile of your sample, introduce the profile in the search box below. The software will tell you which profile from our database matches 100% the profile of your sample. 

The bottom table will tell you which species have the same allele for a different number of SPInDel markers. The more related species will have a higher number of shared alleles.

Which species have markers equal to my sample?

Use the next tool to see the comparison of profiles between your sample and reference profiles. The alleles highlighted in green are equal to those of your sample. 

My sample has mixtures. Which species are in the mixture?

If your sample has a mixture of two profiles (i.e., two alleles in some markers), use the tool below to identify the species that may have contributed to the mixture.

Which are the reference SPInDel profiles?

The next table includes the available SPIndel reference profiles.

Any doubts?

Please contact us if you have any doubts. Thanks!